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Petra Krulc: Six years ago Grey was an underdog in the Slovene advertising sphere. Today, we are the Agency of the Year!

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At the recently held Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF), agency Grey Ljubljana was named the Agency of the Year. A few days after the SOF, Marketing Magazin named Petra Krulc, creative director of Grey Ljubljana, the Creative Personality of the Year. That was a cherry on top of the extremely dynamic and successful growth and development of Grey Ljubljana in the Slovenian advertising market.

We discussed these years of growth and successes with Petra Krulc.

Woman.Comm: It would be a logical thing that the Creative Director of the Agency of the Year be named the Creative Personality of the Year. You were given this title by the Marketing Magazin, separate from SOF, which gives it a special significance. What does this recognition mean for you?

Petra Krulc: It is true. It may sound a little unusual that such award is given by Marketing Magazin and not Slovenian Advertising Festival. Since this is a creative festival, it would probably make more sense that they would present the award of the most creative person of the year. Nonetheless, this recognition that Marketing Magazin has been presenting for years is renowned in our field.

For me personally, this title presents a reward for my long-lasting hard work and I see it as a confirmation of doing something right. I do not take the merit for this flattering title, since it belongs to all the amazing people at Grey, with whom I had the honor of creating in the past years. I am a team person and sincerely believe that the right team of people can create a lot more than a single individual.

Woman.Comm: Grey is in a business and creative offensive on the Slovenian advertising market, which was best illustrated at this year’s SOF. How are you managing to keep up with this pace?

Petra Krulc: 6 years ago, Grey was an unlikely winner in the Slovene advertising sphere. We were a small and not very well-known agency, which tried to follow global Grey directions and compete in business with the biggest agencies back then: Pristop, Luna TBWA and Publicis. However, it was the arrival of Grey Ljubljana’s managing director Špela Žorž that brought things to life. Only then I found the person who shared my beliefs and the agency was given direction, vision and values in which we still firmly believe today. The right people at the right positions – all these years we worked hard as a team and believed we could make it. Today, we are the agency of the year and we are proud of this accomplishment.

Woman.Comm: Immediately after studies you started working at Grey, and have been there since. What is it that makes Grey Ljubljana such a successful agency?

Petra Krulc: Grey’s open culture and team spirit embody the motto ‘we is better than me’, that gives our agency a special mojo, that continues to surprise even ourselves.  Therefore, the answer can be found in people and their synergy. The fact that Grey Ljubljana has been led by a strong and fearless woman, for whom I can easily say she is one of the most capable people I have ever had the pleasure of working with, plays an enormous part in our success as well.

Woman.Comm: Who are the members of your team, with whom you achieve such good results?

Petra Krulc: When talking about my team, I never mean only my creative team. At Grey Ljubljana, we believe that creativity can be found in everyone. Every team under our roof consists of experts from various fields and the credits for our amazing success goes to the whole Grey team. We have been using the hashtag #GreyRocks on our social media for a reason.

Every person at Grey is a rock that creates the whole story, and that is the reason we gave a rock to every member of our team when we won at Slovenian Advertising Festival. It was a symbolic gesture that will help us remember this success and motivate us in the following year. However, it is true that an outstanding idea is always born in the mind of an individual. That is the reason that we gave a special rock to our creative director Katja Dornik for the Cancer Bra project that won three golden and one grand prix award at this year’s Slovenian Advertising Festival.

Woman.Comm: How would you assess creativity in the Slovenian advertising scene?

Petra Krulc: I think that Slovenian advertising scene has a huge potential, seeing as exceptional people with various talents are such a big part of it. Unfortunately, we run out of courage to create long-term achievements of global dimensions too many times.

Woman.Comm: In what way and how much do you collaborate with other agencies of the Grey network on the creative field?

Petra Krulc: Grey Creative Council is a system that connects knowledge and creative excellence of every Grey agency worldwide and at the same time connects the best people from our network. Creative Council meetings occur every 6 months, where under the leadership of Per Pedersen (Grey Global CCO) and other creative directors from Grey Europe, we help each other improve our current projects. Our meetings are similar to family gatherings, since we have become such good friends. These people are always here for us and we can turn to them if we need any advice or help at creating or realizing our projects.

Woman.Comm: Which projects are you currently working on?

Petra Krulc: On 12 April, Si.mobil was transformed into A1, so I currently spend (together with my team) most time launching and strengthening the new brand A1 Slovenia. The whole Grey team has been working on this project for months.

Woman.Comm: You find inspiration in…

Petra Krulc: In stories of people around me.

Woman.Comm: Your role model in business is…  

Petra Krulc: My role models are exceptional people with whom I had the honor to work with and learn from.  One of those inspirational people is certainly Tor Myhren, who was once Grey Global CCO, and is currently Vice President of Marketing Communications at Apple.

Woman.Comm: Book you are currently reading…  

Petra Krulc: Moonwalking with Einstein

Woman.Comm: Your favorite brand…

Petra Krulc: I don’t have a favorite brand, even though I am loyal to many.

Woman.Comm: Your biggest passion is music. You have a collection of 1000 vinyl records. Who are your favorite musicians?

Petra Krulc: I inherited my vinyl collection from my father and uncle and for the last few years have been adding records to it by myself. Music has always been an important part of my life. My taste in music is very wide and my current selection depends on my mood. Some of my favorites are P.J. Harvey, Sonic Youth, Led Zeppelin, Chet Faker, Cat Power and many others.

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