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Ikea now has the first ever human catalog

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Source: Adweek

Ikea’s always found clever ways to bring its yearly print catalog to the fore, but the 2018 edition takes things to a whole new level with two-time world memory champion Yanjaa Wintersoul – the first-ever human catalog.

Over a single week, agency BBH in Singapore put Yanjaa to the ultimate test: memorizing all of the more than 400 items in the 328-page book, and in the video below you can see her ace all the questions that Ikea employees ask her.

Wintersoul told Adweek how cultivating a championship memory works. Take the Bekant conference table on Page 59. “Bekant means acquaintance in Swedish, so I think of an acquaintance of mine laying there on the table,” she said. “For someone who is a native English speaker, it’s maybe better to think of the German author Kant and how you want to be like Kant and work for long hours on that table.”

If you can’t believe this, you will have the chance to watch and test her live on 6 September on Ikea Singapore’s Facebook page.

The brand has already launched promotions for the catalogue and this extraordinary stunt, including a social film that explains how Ikea found and auditioned Wintersoul.

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