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Havas Adriatic at AD STARS 2017: Advertising from a different perspective

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At the recently held international advertising festival Ad Stars in South Korea, which was attended by around 60 countries from around the world, one of the jury members was Nikolina Popović, creative director of the Havas Adriatic agency.

This year, Ad Stars celebrated their 10th birthday and expanded their program. Seminars and exhibitions were held, not only for creatives of the advertising industry, but also for professionals in the sphere of technology and digital marketing.

As someone who has built his career all over the world, from China, Ethiopia, Bratislava to Doha, Nikolina had the opportunity to face the most diverse cultures, but also the most diverse modes of work in the creative industry.

“When I compare this industry in Serbia with the rest of the world, I must admit that there is still a traditional approach here. In the world, especially in Asia, innovation is significantly more visible. Brands communicate through experience. On the other hand, we at Havas Adriatic Agency have a different approach to advertising, using the power and tools of the group, primarily the Meaningful Brands®, the first global study that shows how quality of life and well-being are linked to brands at business level and how to measure the benefits that brands bring into our lives,” Nikolina said, adding that when creating strategies, you have to work on making your consumers or clients face their own emotions, to get closer to themselves, and only then become closer with the brand.

Advertising and media agency Havas Adriatic is part of the French communications network, one of the five strongest holding companies in the world. By using its own creativity and tools of the Havas Group, the team from Belgrade successfully erases borders and operates at the level of the whole region, and the quality of services and the expertise of their employees is obviously recognized even much wider.

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