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Five traits of a quality speaker: What I learned from Lenja Faraguna

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By: Martina Andjelkovic, Online advertising Wonderwoman

I didn’t know much about Lenja until the INAT Summit. Her name itself was so interesting that it naturally made me google her, and that’s how I met with her energy that is not even close as vibrant as the energy she emits when you’re watching her live, on stage.

And I mean the real, proper stage, the one of the Terazije Theater! If you don’t know it already, INAT Summit really merits your attention. You know that the Serbian market is not big, and that speakers are the same from one conference to another, so visitors no longer even pay attention to the person on the stage, and rather “use” social networks hoping that the lecture will pass quickly, and that in the foyer they’ll be able to chat with people from the industry. That’s why I was completely taken by the INAT Summit! Speakers are selected carefully and meaningfully, for some I admit that I’ve never heard of them before, so my surprise with their expertise and eloquence was even bigger.

And the biggest surprise of all – the mompreneur – Lenja Faraguna.

The absolute empress of the stage, with disarming energy and expertise that pours from each and every slide. Okay. She blew me away. And that’s why this article exist. I managed to summarize in 5 points why she’s so phenomenal on stage, and why everyone left her lecture delighted.

1. Mompreneur

Lenja is a business-woman who says she doesn’t tolerate anyone’s crap. What defines her in business is that she’s a mother and a very successful entrepreneur – the Mompreneur. She often points out that she’s incredibly lucky because she has the opportunity to go to conferences, lectures and meetings with her husband and eight-month old son. In this way, and with this attitude, she “targets” all those women who are accomplished as mothers and who hustle in their own way. In us, who are still “girls”, she instills hope that even after achieving the most important role in life we will have time to do our jobs, because until now we were only getting the message of fear: “when you have a child, life stops.”

During her lecture at the INAT Summit, several times her baby could be heard from the audience, and in a completely spontaneous way she would address the baby from the stage: “Hi, baby! Mommy is here!”

2. Don’t bullshit a bullshitter

This is not about inventing hot water, and we all know that people love honesty and kind words. However, not everyone has the cojones to present their business failures in public. Especially not women. Lenja is not ashamed to admit that she went through “a lot of shit” until she was satisfied with her job and income.

She also doesn’t shy from saying she was a procrastinator and a bullshitter. Now she stands firmly on the ground, knowing that you can’t do something only of you don’t want to, and there’s no way to avoid this if you’re her employee. As she puts it: “Don’t bullshit a bullshitter”.

Lenja points out that we should be grateful for the previous business failures, because they defined us and taught us to be stronger.

3. MarCAREting

A new word. Her own coinage. In the center of marketing activities is always the one who you’re talking to; your mission is to attract attention, with absolutely meaningful gestures and actions. According to Lenja, the most effective marketing is the one in which you care for a potential customer.

In the same way Lenja placed us in the center of her lecture: we all got sweets with a label-tattoo and a task that, if we put it on, to take pictures of it and send it to her or to tag her. What do you think, how many people did that? Around me, everyone!

As Lenja said: “Tattoo your name in heads, in hearts, and only then in the wallets of your customers!”

Oh yes, when we came out of the hall, we all got a gift from her – a calendar that is a kind of oath for entrepreneurs. A phenomenal gift! 🙂 Sharing is caring.

4. Sing me praises my own mouth

If you’re a big shot in business you can’t be modest. It seems artificial. Lenja presented her successes in a very appealing way: “Boy, I used to be so insecure and lost, and in one month I will share the stage with the most attractive speaker in the world – Gary Vaynerchuk!” And then she joyfully shared with us a promotional video for the conference Brand Minds in Bucharest (I will report for you from this event – can’t wait!).

Even if you are the most envious person in the world, when you see such sincere joy and happiness because of own success, you can’t hate it, you can only salute it.

The biggest misconception of semi-successful people is that others should speak in their name and praise them. That’s why they’re semi-successful. They spend their whole lifetime waiting and hoping that someone will say a kind word, but they don’t understand that if you don’t know to present your own success and qualities in the right way, without arrogant attitude, you will forever remain semi-known, semi-successful, semi-speaker.

5. A word is a word

Towards the end of the lecture – since she broke her time slot due to the interaction with the audience – she promised that some of the things from her lecture she would later explain in live feed on Instagram.

You know when someone says something like that, and then nothing comes of it?

Around 11:00 in the evening I received the notification that Lenja went live on Instagram. And really, she explained the items that she “owed” us, with bags under her eyes to the floor and a voice that was “broken” after who knows how many hours of lectures and chats that day.

And although many who were at the summit did not even see this live feed, Lenja kept her word and I admire her for that. These are the seemingly small things that create trust.

You have read the 5 points that, in my opinion, make Lenja a quality speaker, who has no problem to keep the attention of the entire audience. Besides charisma, which is essential, Lenja is well trained speaker with experience, which makes her an absolute ticketseller for any conference! A good speaker is not just a person with knowledge, but a person who knows how to convey knowledge, to entertain visitors and see them off with a smile and the thought that they heard at least three things that they did not know about.

(Lenja Faraguna will speak at the Woman.Comm Conference that’ll be held in Zagreb on 25 and 26 May. More information about the Conference at

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