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24 Hours: Algebra announcing conference; 2nd Design District Zagreb announced; Recommender Award for GRAWE…

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By: Adnan Arnautlija


The Algebra College has announced the third conference titled From Digital Marketing to the Marketing of the Digital Era, which will be held in Zagreb, on 9 June 2017. The conference will discuss topics such as design thinking, influencer marketing, native advertising, personalization of advertising and many others that represent the very pinnacle of skills and knowledge which are today necessary to experts in digital marketing. Lecturers come from Stanford University, Google,, Coca-Cola and numerous Croatian companies, and an Indian expert in strategic digital communications, Shagorika Heryani, will again return to the conference after the great and very well-received last year’s lecture.

Due to the expected large interest of Croatian experts in digital marketing, digital communications and, in general, digital business, this year the conference will be held at the City Plaza Zagreb. Registrations for the conference are open at


The program of this year’s Design District Zagreb festival, which will be held 13 to 18 June, was presented at yesterday’s press conference. The festival was presented by Martina Bienenfeld, director of the Zagreb Tourist Board, Anja Jelavić, Head of the Department for International Cultural Cooperation and European Affairs at Ministry of Culture of Cratia, Ira Payer, creative director of the Festival, Maja Subotic Šušak, head of the Green Program of the festival and Bojan Mucko, a member of the program team.

At the beginning of the press conference Ira Payer said she was extremely pleased with the new edition of the festival which, in addition to last year’s popular programs, will offer additional focus on the Green Program, which will offer all visitors a new look on the neighbourhood. Through truly diverse program, all visitors will be able to experience a new dimension of often neglected and unused public spaces. In this way, the Design District becomes a creative zone that brings together many individuals, local partners who operate and work in the neighbourhood. “Design District Zagreb continues with the affirmation of new ways of consumption of cultural content in the context of public spaces, with the cooperation of all local stakeholders in culture, and fostering a stimulating atmosphere for all participants and visitors of various age groups and interests.”

The central part of the festival this year will be Ratkajev Prolaz, which will be transformed into Green Ratkaj, where citizens will be encouraged to reflect, get involved and participate in decision-making on improving the city’s urbanization and green spaces.

Another active participant of the Festival’s program is the Creative Europe Desk at the Ministry of Culture of Croatia, through the program within which creative hubs from across Europe will be presented, and visitors will also have access to rich content of exhibitions, workshops and installations.

Festival Design District Zagreb is realized in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board and with the support of the City of Zagreb, Adris Foundation and the Ministry of Culture, and partners of the project are Hrvatska Eletroprivreda, Toyota and Somersby.

More about the festival can be found on the official website.


On Friday, 9 June, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce will be presenting an innovative system of geolocation based audio / video advertising system in public transport vehicles, which is successfully installed and implemented in the city trams in Osijek.

Video materials are played through high-resolution LCD screens: 1080×1920 pixels, which come with GPS trackers enabling showing of pre-prepared advertising. Depending on the space available inside the vehicle, there is the possibility of making LCD monitors to certain measures.

Presentation organized by the company THISTiME is intended for carriers in passenger traffic as well as companies interested in the further promotion of their products through new advertising systems.

If you wish to attend the presentation, you must confirm attendance at [email protected].


For the tenth time in eleven years, GRAWE has been presented with the “Recommender Award” of the Association of Financial Advertising of Austria (FMVÖ). This insurance company once again won in the category “Insurance throughout Austria.” In addition, GRAWE, as the only company in its category, was assigned the mark of quality “Excellent customer orientation”.

The 11th gala event Recommender Award was held in Vienna, where Grazer Wechseseitige Versicherung AG recorded a renewed success. Recommender Award is given to insurance companies and banks, which based on answers of 8,000 respondents in the first quarter of 2017 recorded the highest rate of recommendations in their respective categories. Data collection is done by market research institute Telemark Marketing. Recommender is part of a comprehensive study on the business of providing financial services, ordered by the independent trade body Association of Financial Advertising Austria (FMVÖ).


This April rumours started spreading that Google Chrome will soon integrate the official filter for advertisements, and now this news is practically official. Confirmation of earlier information that Chrome would integrate a kind of an ad-blocker did not arrive in a press release or public disclosure, but thanks to the report that Google sent to publishers, agencies and advertisers. The Wall Street Journal writes that we have six months before filtering sees the light of day in Chrome in early 2018.

It is expected that the filtering settings will be automatically activated after the installation of Chrome, and the filter will be set to block advertisements on pages for which Google decides that they spoil user experience because of bad ads.

Online advertising is crucial for several IT giants, but especially for Facebook and Google. While consumer frustration is growing with each passing day, more and more of them are opting for previously mentioned solutions – complete blockage of ads. And this is not just about a handful internet users – according to research, in the United States alone nearly third of all users opt to use a tool for blocking ads, the Wall Street Journal reports.


The combined value of the hundred biggest global brands this year increased by eight per cent, to 3.6 trillion US dollars, and Google was able to defend last year’s title. As stated in the BrandZ Global Top 100, annual survey of advertising agencies WPP and Kantar Millward Brown, Google this year is worth $245.6 billion, or seven per cent more than last year. Among the top five are Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook.

Among the top 10, 9 are US companies, and the only “intruder” is the Chinese Internet giant Tencent. “BrandZ Global Top 100 list is now dominated by Internet giants – brands that operate on a global stage since day one, and who build powerful, innovative technology platforms,” said Peter Walshe, director at Kantar Millward Brown.

The dominance of tech companies is confirmed by the newcomers. For the first time among the top 100 entered Xfinity, YouTube, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Salesforce, Netflix and Snapchat, as well as the telecom operator Sprint. The biggest increase was recorded by an “old fashion” company – Adidas brand is now worth 58 per cent more and has reached the value of $8.3bn.

How rapidly the world is changing is obvious from the fact that this year among the top 10 there are only three companies – Google, Microsoft and IBM – that have been in the top 10 back in 2006. In the last 12 years, the value of top hundred brands jumped 152 per cent.

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